BOAT                                                MOTOR SHIP                                           YACHT


Number of seats: 20 person.

Rent price: 1000 hrn./hour – running time

                                       500 hrn./hour –waiting

The delivery of the boat to the berth of the river station (Dubovaya Rosha) – free

Delivery of the boat to other berths – additional payment


Boat catamaran type: number of seats 20, the length of the boat 10 m, width 3.5 m, draft 0.4 m, the total power of the two motors 190 hp.

The boat is designed for walking, cruising, sightseeing, photo sessions, etc.

Advantages of the boat:

– a small draft, which allows you to approach the unequipped shore

– can be used, both in the open version, and in closed when the weather worsens

– there is an upper observation / solar platform

– high stability allows you to move freely and safely on the boat

The boat is equipped with:

  • ladder for boarding and disembarking passengers in the bow
  • a ladder for swimming in the stern
  • audio system
  • tables
  • life-saving appliances as required


Boat photo