Rules of Conduct

for passengers and event participants

on motor ships (boats).


The vessel of our company, in accordance with the requirements of the Shipping Register of Ukraine, is equipped with everything necessary to ensure the safety of navigation.

Passengers on board the boat must comply with general rules of conduct on water and motor ships (boats), observe public order, fire safety rules (including on the shore) and strictly follow all instructions of the captain.

Prior to the departure of the vessel from the berth, each passenger must know the places of storage of individual lifejackets, other life-saving appliances, the order of access to them and the rules of use.

If you are on board a motor ship (boat) or on a quay, passengers are forbidden:


  • start landing or disembarkation until the boat is completely stopped and the ladder is delivered
  • gather at one of the sides, distract the crew of the ship (boat) during the mooring of the vessel and perform other works
  • move from the boat (boat) or to the ship (boat) not along the ladder and in the wrong places
  • independently open the doors of offices and enter them
  • go outside the fences, sit on the rail and outweigh them
  • dive from the side of the ship (boat) and swim near the stern
  • smoke in the passenger compartment of a motor ship (boat) and throw cigarette butts and trash overboard
  • use a variety of pyrotechnics and open fire
  • attach various materials and posters to walls, ceilings and floors using buttons, scotch tape and other sticky substances
  • to place advertising materials in salons and on deck without coordination with the captain
  • cause material damage to the boat (boat) and spoil the property
  • remove from their seats without the need for lifebuoys and carpenters
  • While on shore, drunk under the influence, beat glassware, leave garbage
  • keep children unattended on the quay, during the movement of the motor ship (boat) and on the beach during rest and bathing.

    The perpetrators of violation of the foregoing provisions are liable in accordance with applicable law.With the end of the time of renting a motor ship (boat), all passengers are obliged to leave the ship (boat). When inflicting material damage, recover its value.

    I have read these rules and undertake to ensure that they are carried out by passengers during the voyage.

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